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If you are an expat who want to register your 100% foreign company ownership, then you are in the right site. We are here to help you to handle the process and documents to do right business setup to fit your business needs.

Our talented and professional team of legal consultants, architect, property marketing, notary and lawyer, will help you throughout the process of setting up your business legally in Bali, Indonesia.


There are various different packages that you can choose to set up a business in Indonesia, they are PT PMA (for investors) and Local PT. The difference is in the capital, Local PT relies on domestic capital, while PT PMA is invested by foreigners.


KBLI aims to classify the types of business activities that produce products/outputs, either in the form of goods or services.


Investor Visa / Investor KITAS is a visa made for business investors in Indonesia, so they can stay and manage their business in Indonesia. 


Complete packages for your 100% foreign ownership company with your investor KITAS and KBLI.

What clients say

“Adrian is very communicative and seems very expert in his field, explaining in great detail what I have to do with the business situation in order to stay ahead in a healthy business competition.”


“Professional team and super friendly. Even after the consultation, they are answered quickly and patiently when I have a question on whatsapp. You can ask various kinds of businesses from managing my CV licensing until business strategy”