Investor Visa / Investor KITAS is a visa made for business investors in Indonesia, so they can stay and manage their business in Indonesia. The Investor KITAS durations are 1 and 2 years.

KBLI aims to classify the types of business activities that produce products/outputs, either in the form of goods or services, based on the standard industrial in order to provide a uniform concept, definition, and classification of standard industrial.

Documents that need to be prepared for the establishment of PT PMA / Local PT please Click Here for the information.

The requirements for applying an investor visa please Click Here for the information.

PMA + 1 KBLI (FREE) + INVESTOR KITAS (2 YEARS) = Rp.20.000.000,- + Rp.15.000.000,-
ADD KBLI = Rp 5.000.000,-
ADD PERSON = Rp 5.000.000,-

No hidden cost
Legal process can be done for 3-7 days only.

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