KBLI aims to classify the types of business activities that produce products/outputs, either in the form of goods or services, based on the standard industrial in order to provide a uniform concept, definition, and classification of standard industrial.

There are various different packages that you can choose to set up a business in Indonesia, they are PT PMA (for investors) and Local PT. The difference is in the capital, Local PT relies on domestic capital, while PT PMA is invested by foreigners.

Because Indonesia is wealthy in natural resources, many entrepreneurs and investors want to realize their business dreams, especially in Bali, the island of god. therefore we are ready to help and set up a company legally without any hassle.

Documents that need to be prepared for the establishment of PT PMA / Local PT please Click Here for the information.

PMA + 1 KBLI (FREE) = Rp 20.000.000,-
ADD KBLI = Rp 5.000.000,-
ADD PERSON = Rp 5.000.000,-

No hidden cost
Legal process can be done for 3-7 days only.

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